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Chartering and turnkey international transportation

Variants of air
cargo delivery

Express delivery

This option is suitable for urgent shipments, where the company provides a priority schedule and fast delivery of the cargo
Advantages: Efficiency and speed of transportation, the possibility of sending large volumes of cargo without the need to wait

Regular flights

Regular flights for cargo transportation between key points of national and international routes
Advantages: It is the best solution for goods that require frequent and regular delivery

Charter flights

For large cargo or cargo with special requirements, charter flights can be organized, where the entire aircraft is engaged exclusively for the transportation of a specific cargo
Advantages: Providing maximum flexibility and control over delivery

Combined transportation

The use of combined transport, where the cargo is first transported by air to a key destination, and then further by road, rail or sea
Advantages: Optimizing logistics costs and saving time

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cargo transportation

Air freight is the fastest and most reliable way to transport goods over long distances. One of the key options for air delivery is express delivery, which is ideal for urgent shipments. Thanks to the priority schedule and minimum delivery times, your cargo can be delivered anywhere in the world in the shortest possible time. This is particularly useful for companies operating in fast-moving industries or with critical delivery times.

The next option is regular flights, which provide stability and reliability for business. Many airlines offer regular cargo flights between major domestic and international airports. This allows you to plan the shipment and receipt of goods according to a clear schedule, which is especially important for large enterprises that need a constant supply of materials or products.

For large or specialized cargo, charter flights and combined transportation are available. Charter flights allow you to fully control the entire transportation process, providing flexibility in planning and execution of transportation. Combined transportation, which combines air delivery with other modes of transport, such as road or rail, ensures optimization of logistics costs and efficiency in the delivery of goods to the final destination. Specialized services for special cargoes, such as temperature-sensitive or hazardous materials, ensure compliance with all safety requirements and transportation standards.

Advantages of cooperation with us

The shipping method you need

We provide a diverse selection of transport in accordance with the needs of the client

Compliance with deadlines

We always find an opportunity to play it safe to deliver your goods on time

Preservation of cargo integrity

We carefully check the packaging of goods at the ports and guarantee the integrity of your order

Comprehensive turnkey delivery

The possibility of obtaining a full range of services from brokerage to transit and insurance services

How we work:

We receive an application from the client

We collect information about the cargo, country of shipment and delivery, personal data of the client

We select the delivery option

We analyze different delivery options, taking into account various factors, such as cost, delivery time, type of cargo and its features

We calculate customs payments and charter the necessary transport

We calculate customs payments and organize the chartering of the necessary transport, taking into account the weight, size and other characteristics of the cargo

We ship the goods from the warehouse

We ship the goods from the warehouse, observing all the necessary procedures and requirements for preserving the quality and integrity of the goods

Delivery of goods

We organize the delivery of goods with accuracy to the address of the recipient's warehouse, ensuring fast and reliable transport logistics

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