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of goods
by railway

Container transportation of oversized cargo by rail 

Options for the delivery
of goods by rail

Full wagon load (FTL)

This option is suitable for large batches of goods that require separate space and fast delivery.
Advantages: Efficiency and speed of transportation, the possibility of sending large volumes of cargo without the need to share it with other customers

Partial filling of the car (LTL)

This option allows you to efficiently use the space of the car and optimize delivery costs
Advantages: Savings for customers who do not fill the entire car and the possibility of transporting smaller volumes of cargo

Container transportation

The client can use containers to transport your cargo
Advantages: This option is suitable for goods that do not require a separate wagon and can be easily loaded and unloaded from the container

International routes

Rail transport can also be used for international transportation
Advantages: We offer solutions for international cargo by rail, ensuring fast and efficient delivery to different countries of the world

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transportation of goods

Transportation of goods by rail is an effective and reliable way of delivering goods over long distances, which allows companies to quickly and efficiently organize the delivery of goods to different regions. With the help of rail transportation, goods can be delivered to the most remote corners of the country or even beyond its borders, ensuring a smooth flow of goods from suppliers to end consumers.

One of the main advantages of rail transport is its high speed and efficiency. Compared to other modes of transport, such as sea or air transport, rail transport is often faster and less expensive in terms of time and cost, enabling the rapid delivery of large volumes of goods over long distances.

In addition, railway transportation is noted for its reliability and safety. Modern railway systems provide a high level of security for goods being transported, reducing the risk of loss or damage to goods during transport. Thus, rail transportation is a profitable and efficient choice for many companies looking for a reliable way to deliver their goods.

Advantages of cooperation with us

The shipping method you need

We provide a diverse selection of transport in accordance with the needs of the client

Compliance with deadlines

We always find an opportunity to play it safe to deliver your goods on time

Preservation of cargo integrity

We carefully check the packaging of goods at the ports and guarantee the integrity of your order

Comprehensive turnkey delivery

The possibility of obtaining a full range of services from brokerage to transit and insurance services

How we work:

We receive an application from the client

We collect information about the cargo, country of shipment and delivery, personal data of the client

We select the delivery option

We analyze different delivery options, taking into account various factors, such as cost, delivery time, type of cargo and its features

We calculate customs payments and charter the necessary transport

We calculate customs payments and organize the chartering of the necessary transport, taking into account the weight, size and other characteristics of the cargo

We ship the goods from the warehouse

We ship the goods from the warehouse, observing all the necessary procedures and requirements for preserving the quality and integrity of the goods

Delivery of goods

We organize the delivery of goods with accuracy to the address of the recipient's warehouse, ensuring fast and reliable transport logistics

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