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Transportation of cargo of any complexity with deferred payment

Delivery Methods



freight and groupage from China, UAE and other countries
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of goods
by car


Delivery of goods from Europe to all over Ukraine from warehouse to warehouse
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container transportation of oversized cargo
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Freight forwarding and international transport 'Turnkey' Solutions
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Our Services

Negotiating with suppliers

We actively interact with the supplier to discuss such aspects as price policy, product selection and quality, delivery terms, payment terms and other important issues related to our cooperation

Inspection and repackaging of goods

Checking the goods upon receipt and, if necessary, repackaging them to ensure safety during transportation or storage

Purchasing goods from Chinese Websites

We carry out the process of buying goods from Chinese manufacturers, including search, order, selection, organization of delivery to your warehouse

Supplier search in China

We organize cooperation with your supplier in China, including market analysis, checking the reputation of companies, discussing the terms of cooperation and monitoring interaction with the supplier at all stages

Money transfers to China, UAE, European countries

We implement the process of money transfers, making fast and reliable transactions through international payment systems or other financial systems to ensure the safety and efficiency of the transfer of funds


in the transport services market since 1999

During the period of work, a lot of experience was accumulated, which allows us to provide high-quality services and satisfy any customer requirements. The company’s staff is a team of professionals united over the years, who perform tasks of any complexity efficiently and quickly. The company CARGO.UA provides a wide range of services in the field of international freight transportation and consulting services for business.

By using the services of our company, you will be able to import goods from near and far abroad and cooperate with proven manufacturers of the PRC. As a result of long-term work in the logistics market, we have studied the difficulties and peculiarities of each type of cargo transportation, so we know what to pay extra attention to when delivering cargo and how to solve difficulties associated with transportation.

Our managers are fluent in Chinese, English, Portuguese and other languages, so our customers can rest assured that their order will be completed as correctly as possible.

The Benefits of Partnering with Us

The required delivery method for you

We provide a diverse choice of transport according to the needs of the client

Adherence to deadlines

We always find an opportunity to play it safe to deliver your goods on time

Preservation of cargo integrity

We carefully check the packaging of goods at the ports and guarantee the integrity of your order

Comprehensive turnkey delivery

The possibility of obtaining a full range of services from brokerage to transit and insurance services

How we work:

We receive an application from the client

We collect information about the cargo, country of shipment and delivery, personal data of the client

We select the delivery option

We analyze different delivery options, taking into account various factors, such as cost, delivery time, type of cargo and its features

We calculate customs duties and freight the necessary transport

We calculate customs payments and organize the chartering of the necessary transport, taking into account the weight, size and other characteristics of the cargo

We ship the goods from the warehouse

We ship the goods from the warehouse, observing all the necessary procedures and requirements for preserving the quality and integrity of the goods

Delivery of goods

We organize the delivery of goods with accuracy to the address of the recipient's warehouse, ensuring fast and reliable transport logistics

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does your company insure cargo?

Compulsory insurance of goods depends on the specific conditions and risks of transportation. In some cases, insurance may be required by international or national laws or contract terms. However, even though insurance is not mandatory, it may be recommended to protect against possible loss or damage during transit.

What is the difference between shipping by sea and by air?

Shipping by sea and air differ in speed, cost, and the types of cargo that can be transported. Airplanes provide fast delivery but can be more expensive, while sea shipping usually takes longer but is more cost-effective for large or heavy shipments

What cannot be transported by air delivery?

Hazardous materials, explosive substances, large volumes of liquids, live animals, some types of food, items with a high risk of damage or deterioration during transportation cannot be transported by air.

What Chinese goods can I order through your company?
What does turnkey delivery mean?

Turnkey delivery means that the company undertakes the full range of responsibilities for cargo transportation from the beginning to the end of the process. This includes preparation of the goods for shipment, preparation of all necessary documents, selection of the optimal delivery route, delivery itself, customs clearance (if necessary), customs clearance and delivery of the goods to the destination. In this model, the customer is almost not involved in the organization of transportation and has the opportunity to concentrate on other aspects of his business.

What is marking and why is it needed?

Marking is the process of applying information to a package or product for the purpose of identification, classification, tracking and providing information about the product or cargo. It is necessary for the correct recognition of products, determination of their characteristics, date of manufacture, composition, instructions for use, as well as for compliance with rules and standards.

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